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When ER Star Parminder Nagra Dropped Her Clothes

Born in 1975 to Sikh parents who had migrated to UK in the early 60s Parminder Nagra worked as a usher at a theatre at age 16 with no clue of her future stardom. And even though she worked in several movies it was Bend It Like Beckham that gave her instant international stardom.

Parminder attempted to move away from her ‘innocent’ image with a steamy nude scene in Second Generation (see below) where her clothes get ripped faster than you can say ER!

The brilliant actress won an award for Outstanding Female Television Performance for ER and recently received the Honorary Degree of Doctors of Letters by the University of Leicester.

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parminder nagra nudeparminder nagra nudeparminder nagra nudeparminder nagra nude

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  • shes looking lovely in this picture

  • woww didnt know she did thaaaat!!!

  • liked her so much in bend it she kinda dull in er

  • nice

  • she’s dark and lovely

  • boobs r not clearly shown.plz i expect the best from yhis portal.

    karna raj
  • she is too hot

  • shameless…totally against Indian values to hv sex for all the world to see.

  • deepak you’re just a hypocrite pig. India is the land of kamasutra before british victorian values created prude assholes like you. besides is it indian values to search for naked women on the web?

  • I’m glad she did this. It shows that indian women are in touch with their sexuality and can express this on the big screen. They are not just baby making machines used by controlling indian men.

  • I am very glad She did this too , as a matter of fact , I am Married to a gal who is part Indian Herself and gets very excited at how Beautiful She really is and gets turned on over her ! Remember , Parminder may be Indian but she is also a human being !

  • The scene is very very hot.Her tits are visible in 34th sec.

  • do with me………..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaa…………

  • If you guys really are into Indian women, then check out…hot!!!

  • what a cheap girl to go away from our indian culture like this. from the land of ganga and where mahabharat was written, she gave it up for a bit of money and fame. it just shows that western value women less, to strip them for money. I dont even see whats the point of seeing people have sex on tv, make out do, peaking toms, watchin others make out, fair enuf it is a turn on, but sometimes sins are pleasureful.
    When our tradional women were wed, the husband wouldve been the only guy to touch her body. unlike other races, where like many men have already sleept with a girl before she is wed. cheap girl, and she got a award for sexual liberatision, for being a slut, congrats ur famous now bitch. thanks for being a bad example to future generations

  • Karan you’re such a fucking bastard. People like you should be shot dead. Is it not a sin for you to be on this page watching naked women? Do you even know what Indian culture is about? It was in India that we had sexual liberalisation hundreds of years ago… we had kamasutra. That is also our culture. If our culture is about producing mindless ugly people like you – I’m ashamed of this culture really.

  • Right said bundchen. Though Mr Karan should not be shot.. its best he live like he is. I actually feel sorry for him.

  • she is a beautiful women, but u dont have to take off ur closthes for a role. if ur a good enough actress, u shouldnt have to do it. besides, i know i dont want to see anybody naked. the only person he can see me in my b-day suit is my doc and my man. but personally thats how i feel.

  • karan you fucking taliban bastard. if you watch bollywood movies you’ll see how you can’t even watch them with parents anymore. too many horny women

  • lol! sell your souls, go ahead! now how many of you would let me do that to your mother or sisters? just by me calling it art does not really change it. “western society claims to uplift women, on the contrary it has actually degraded them to the status of concubines and mistresses who are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketeers”-Dr. Zakir Naik.

  • who the fuck is zakir naik? And what has the eastern (aka indian) society done for women? 1 woman raped every 6 minutes in India, hundreds victims of domestic abuse, thousands killed before they are born! Wah wah – indian culture!

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