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Priyanka Gandhi Is Hot

Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi would have easily beaten Mara Carfagna for the most beautiful minister title. Unfortunately, she chose to stay away from politics and instead of the nation its Robert Vadra who got really lucky.

Born on 12 Jan 1972 Prinyanka had to be good-looking considering her mother Sonia Gandhi was herself a hottie back in her younger days (even now according to some readers).

She studied in Modern School, Jesus & Mary and Delhi University before dabbling in politics and now stepping back occasionally during key political events. Which is why there are very few Priyanka Gandhi pictures out there for you to stare at.

And, out of sheer fear of the Prime Minister himself having the CBI let loose on them, pranksters on the web have not come up with any Priyanka Gandhi nude pictures.

Yet that doesn’t mean she’s not hot.

Priyanka Gandhi Pics
Priyanka GandhiPriyanka GandhiPriyanka Gandhi
Priyanka GandhiPriyanka GandhiPriyanka Gandhi
Priyanka GandhiPriyanka GandhiPriyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi Video (nobody gets naked – so only worthwhile if you’re a Gandhi fan)
YouTube Preview Image

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  • she’s a lovely looking girl. very beautiful! indian women are good looking

  • definitely hot! too bad she didnt join politics and we have to watch rahul gandhi instead!

  • nice pictures. she should be the PM.

  • Shes not really pretty in the traditional sort of way… i think a lot of the attraction comes from power. If she weren’t GANDHI no one would give her a second look.

  • seema, you’re silly.. id give her plenty of looks whether she was gandhi or not.. thats a good girl right there. robert vadra is fuckin lucky.

  • shes nice

  • Whole Family of Rajiv Gandhi, Soniya, priyanka and Rahul is looking lovely family but some sadness is seeing we not found rajiv gandhi live is very bad for our country and specially for their family, rajivji is looking great father in this photo and they love all his family
    thanks steami team to see this photo to see every one.

  • I dont see what all the fuss is about. She’s just an ordinary looking gal!

  • She looks like a male!

  • Priyanka gandhi is the clon of smt Late Indira Gandhi.that’s why most of in our district use the slogan, “Priyanka Nahi Yeh Aandhi Hai ”
    “Doosri Indira Gandhi Hai”
    She is like a dream of our country future .
    i think she will be our prime minister in future.
    (Nyay Panchyat Ajhui)Block Kurwar.
    Abdul rahim khan Amethi-sultanpur.

  • Priyanka ji is our real Leader of the yuva .
    She is the only to capture the whole of india by her Honesty and the’Ada’ of her social work for the poor.
    (Nyay Panchyat Ajhui)Block Kurwar.
    Abdul rahim khan Amethi-sultanpur.

    Abdul Rahim Khan
  • Indian meyeder dekte MAGI r moto lage…cheharar modde kono maya nai..

  • She only emerges out of her shell during Election time….So much for being an Indira Gandhi clone ! She is far from it !!! Dont Insult Indira gandhi by saying this

  • I agree with seema…. I wouldnt even care to look at her if she wasnt a gandhi…

  • she really looks cute

    ashish orai
  • i like her gargeous eyes ,nose n innocent smile josh from hyd

  • i ike so much

  • priyanka gandhi is very sexy woman. chavat poragi.

    rajepawad shivashankar
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