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Nandana Sen Nude In Rang Rasiya!

Nandana Sen In Rang RasiyaNandana Sen is starring in a Ketan Mehta (of Shahrukh Khan – Deepa Sahi – Maya Membsaab fame) film that promises to break new ground with generous amounts of nudity. As expected though, the Censor Board has recommended several cuts in Rang Rasiya that could remove any chances you had of seeing her tits.

However, the antiquated guys at the Board seem to realise the film, about Raj Ravi Varma’s controversial sensuous paintings from a century ago and his affair with Sugandha his muse who regularly posed nude for him, could be classified as an ‘art film’. And by some weird Government logic under this categorisation citizens are allowed to stare at naked women on screen.

We’re only hoping this turns out to be a very artsy movie and we get to see the beautiful Nandana just like the painter did Sugandha a hundred years ago.

The movie is expected to be out in November.

Nandana Sen Rang Rasiya Picture Gallery
Nandana Sen Rang RasiyaNandana Sen Rang RasiyaNandana Sen Rang RasiyaNandana Sen Rang RasiyaNandana Sen Rang Rasiya

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  • its so pathetic we’re still ruled over by the government – who have the colonial hangover and treat citizens like slaves.

  • im hoping something escapes the censor board this time!!!! please!!!

  • Hey guys until you send your grievance to the IB Ministry they will not listen to us .First quit all bajrang dal shiv sena vhp for ever and then keep sending them your wishes that you dont want such kind of censorship . Censorship is what is not suitable to the citizen but not that will not let you see what is suitable to you . I couldnt understand that instead of cutting it why doesnt censorboard pass it with a certificate?
    Ketan mehta doing what is liked by almost every youth . thanks ketan

    rakesh kumar
  • well guys but wait for the international version of this movie, will definitely get a chance……… just be cool

  • but guys right now think about Lisa Ray which became so famous after her new movie “Kill Kill Faster Faster”. She did tons of nude and sex scenes….thats hot

  • nandana sen is such a beautiful actress — mean not in acting terms but i think shes great lookin

  • and i hope steami puts up the video from the uncensored footage right here!!!! that wud be gr8!

  • Dont worry guys.. I will give nandana sen an offer she cant resist… I will offer her 1 million for a nude photoshoot n i’l put those on for you guys…

    rajnish chutya
  • Hope that this film survives maiden slip from censor

  • hey guys, do you guys even know Raj Rajiv Verma? He painted the look of the true Indian women. Before the moughals came there wasnt even such thing as cholis! Women in india were loosly covered and sometimes even topless in the old days. Did you see ram teri ganga meli? or satya shivam sundaram? That is how women orignally dressed. So there should be nothing wrong with this film. But in today soceity breasts are completely for lust and so my reason and so many others no matter what is to just see Nandana Sen’s body. :) He can make this film for the art but most men who watch it will have hands on their pants when they watch. Maybe this is sad but it is true.

  • the nude scene is not a big deal.It is the censor board scissors which create much hype.

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