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Miss Pakistan Is A Hottie

Nosheen IdreesNosheen IdreesNosheen IdreesNosheen IdreesNosheen Idrees

Which isn’t unexpected – Pakistani women are considered among the most beautiful in the world – but most of us wouldn’t know because beauty pageants aren’t allowed in that country.

Which is why Miss Pakistan World has been organising them outside the country for five years. As a result today an increasing number of Pakistani girls participating in international contests.

One of their newest winner – Nosheen Idrees a 22-year old student was crowned third runner-up and will represent Pakistan in the Miss Earth pageant next month.

Nosheen wants to change the perception of how the world looks at Pakistan and believes she may be able spread the message of peace and be a great ambassador for the youth of that country.

Here’s what she had to say to STEAMI:

Nosheen IdreesSteami: What would you say your secret talent is? Everyone has one!
Nosheen Idrees: Well for me I love dancing. I am crazy about Arabic music and love the tunes. Its not much of a secret though, but under talents, thats the one.

Steami: How are you preparing for the Miss Earth contest?
Nosheen Idrees: Wow, it has been a roller coaster ride for me. After taking part in the Miss Pakistan World pageant, I got busy with modeling and then it took me a good two months to prepare for the Miss Earth pageant. I was so excited that I made sure that I was eating well, and was on a strict healthy diet. I also made sure my clothes were really good. I practiced my Arabic Dance routine and was over all ecstatic about going to the third largest pageant in the world and representing my country Pakistan.

Steami: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Nosheen Idrees: I have jumped off a camel. It was fun. But thats not it, I have gone bungee jumping, horse-back riding, gliding and have a knack for wild sports.

Steami: Which actor would you want to be stuck on an island with?
Nosheen Idrees: Hummm… I would say that Brad Pitt is who I would like to get stuck with anywhere. If you are talking about the desi version of it then it has to be Pakistan’s buffed up Shoaib Akhtar. Actually, I wouldn’t mind getting stuck on the island with both of them.

Steami: Now that you’re famous do you want to be in the movies?
Nosheen Idrees: I would love to act in both the industries, Lollywood and Bollywood. I like performing and dancing. I also like acting, and I am a model. So I would prefer to remain in the field of entertainment. Its my passion so why not.

Miss Pakistan World

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  • she’s pretty. specially in the black shirt.

  • congratulations nosheen!!! do well! best wishes from everyone in pakistan!

  • so she lives in pakistan?? wont they like hunt her down or something???

  • HOT!

  • great show….. its nice to see pakistani women making efforts to change things….. we need to change the image of pakistan

  • excellent! rarely do you get to see a pakistani in a bikini!

  • go! go! go! win! win! win!

  • Nosheen you have my best wishes and I wish Pakistan gets somewhere. you are truely an inspiration …. thank you…
    love Salim

    Salim Khan
  • All da best nosheen…….. we hope u win and make all proud!!!

  • nice to see pakistani girls!

  • love you nosheen!!!

  • shez is confident but not pretty let alone beautiful and i dont think she should represent pakistani beautiful women cuz every girl in my college yes everry girl is prettier than her

  • she is a good whore…need to admit it in adult movies….will rock z show off the road….try it babes

  • Nosheen Idrees should shame on her self
    god will curse you ,
    you should shame on yourself ppl

  • Dear sister Nosheen: I am saddened by your almost nude images. May Allah (swt) help you to repent from these devious deeds. You do not represent Pakistan, it’s beauftul women, culture, religion or values. We will keep you in our prayers.

  • @ Syed: You’re obviously such a hypocrite – what the fck are you doing on steami? Does watching women like this represent pakistan??? it’s because of morons like you that the country so screwed up.

  • nosheen,agar mujhe koi kahe ke tumhe khuda ki jannat chahiye ya nosheen, tau mai kahuga noshee,hu tu mai indian par tumhare liye ishq ki ibadat karna chauga.

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