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Lisa Ray Dares To Bare Like Never Before

Lisa Ray In Kill Kill Faster FasterLisa Ray has dared to venture into virgin territory as far as Indian actresses are concerned. In the just released independent movie Kill Kill Faster Faster Ray moves from having a guy fondling her between her legs in one scene to going 69 in another – something unheard of for an artist from India.

The film that tells the story of an ex-convict jailed for the murder of his wife has won the London Independent Film Award last month. Ray plays Fleur the wife of a businessman who falls for the excon.

We’re hoping, unlike Janaki Das who’s attempt in a B-grade flick got blocked out, Ray’s ground-breaking foray into uninhibited display of onscreen sexuality would inspire others to push our self-imposed hypocritical boundaries as well.

Meanwhile, if you’re waiting for a glimpse of KKFF in India – you can possibly wait forever – the Indian Censor Board wouldn’t let half the movie thru.

Which is why you need to check-out the stills, review and video links here.

Lisa Ray In Kill Kill Faster FasterLisa Ray In Kill Kill Faster FasterLisa Ray In Kill Kill Faster FasterLisa Ray In Kill Kill Faster FasterLisa Ray In Kill Kill Faster FasterLisa Ray In Kill Kill Faster Faster

Kill Kill Faster Faster Official Site
Video From Movie (External link NSFW)
IMDB Review & Details

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  • holyshit!!! thats awesome!!!

  • lisa ray’s one of the most beautiful chicks ive ever seen… technically though isn’t she like anglo-indian considering her name… anyone have more info?

  • excellent video!!!!! sad we’ll never see releases of such movies in india —- when will we change?

  • she has an indian father and polish mother as far as i know

  • it seems like a silly movie.. folks just hype anything thats indie…. comeon folks its plain stupid. lisa ray is amazing though

  • cant believe Lisa Ray’s 36 yrs….. she could beat any 20 year old on my list!!

  • Chachu mujhay itni garmi kyon lag rahi hai? …..btw, already seen.

  • Hot video.. but can barely see her tits. Love the 69 scene though :) )

  • nice nice nice

  • what the hell? what did she give ever that we should see ? she is a bitchy that all her life never gave any bared photo shoot and it is when she is from some other country . This bitchy has been treated very well and must be thrown out of industry . she is too cool

  • she has posed nude in playboy when she wa s 17

    rajnish chutya
  • wonderful, amazin’…. Just like ero-movie

  • i have that Playboy edition when she posed nude………

  • would love to fuck her in the same way the guy was fucking.

  • well written

  • i also need that somebody fuck me that way

  • someone who have the play boy edition send me plz

  • i fucking hate hindi movies

  • she’s half polish and half bengali

  • shes gorgeous and a perfect sexy bitch to shed ur loads.

  • need to check the playboy edition with her in it

  • Can somebody plz.send me a copy of L.rays playboy edition pose.

  • a good actor need not to prove all those dirty stuff as to gain such attention. The world is full of rotten persona.

    josh lee
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