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Indira Varma Nude Pics Controversy

indira varma nude
Fortunately for us Indira Varma is one actress of Indian origin who hasn’t shied away from dropping her clothes in several movies. Yet, despite doing full-frontals more than a decade ago in Kamasutra when pictures showing a ‘young Indira’ modelling in very explicit poses surfaced they created quite a furore.

The set that had her completely naked apparently belonged to Met Art model Juman who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Indian actress. So alike the two are in fact – from facial expressions to skin color and size of the breasts – that it’s actually difficult to tell if the pictures belong to the Russian model or if this really is Indira making an extra buck modelling while young!

Indira Varma grew up in England and before her rise to fame was a member of the Musical Youth Theatre Company. Apart from her role in Kamasutra she has had notable roles in Bride and Prejudice and as the young Roman wife Niobe BBC/HBO’s historical drama series Rome.

Indira Varma NudeIndira Varma NudeIndira Varma NudeIndira Varma Nude
Indira Varma NudeIndira Varma NudeIndira Varma Nude

Indira Varma
Indira Varma NudeIndira Varma NudeIndira Varma NudeIndira Varma Nude
Indira Varma NudeIndira Varma NudeIndira Varma Nude

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  • omg she’s lovely… both of them… or if they’re the same then indira varma is awesome!

  • heard she wore like a crotch wig and thats not pubic hair in kamasutra

  • lovely indian woman!

  • Man they look exactly the same!!! I bet this really is Indira Varma taking on another name to make some extra bucks!

  • Not the same person, though there is a strong resemblance. It’s accentuated by the similar hairstyles in the two sets of sample photos. However, the eyes are different shapes, and a comparison of profile shots show distinct differences in the ear, nose and jawline. I suppose it could be the same person before and after cosmetic surgery, but neither of those women NEED cosmetic surgery.

  • Id say its pretty close.. these really could be the same person.

  • really i cant tell the difference

  • she’s lovely. and a damn good actress as well.. saw her in rome!

  • She is hot… her boobs r small but still she looks gud in d buff…

  • send some of u r pictures

  • I would like to have some fuching videos of indira verma of kamasutra and some of her sexy,hot pictures.

    vikram bhagat
  • She is hot…

  • eye make differances between both the personaslity

  • good clipings

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