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Hot Anchors – Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi Razdan
Nidhi Razdan studied Mass Communication at IIMC, Delhi and steams up several news-related shows on NDTV. She’s married to poet and author Neelesh Misra who has written lyrics for movies like Rog and Jism and is without doubt one of the hottest presenters on TV right now.

Nidhi RazdanNidhi RazdanNidhi Razdan
Nidhi RazdanNidhi RazdanNidhi Razdan
Nidhi RazdanNidhi RazdanNidhi Razdan

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  • i think tanvir gill is so much hotter….. but i dont see her on tv anymore. sad.

  • actually these chicks look great on tv because they have tonnes of makeup. but take a look at them afterwards. i have seen most of them separately and they look awful.

  • @salman – dont spoil our fun. she is hot.

  • she needs to be in bollywood.

  • whatever u people say
    i simply love nidhi razdan she is gorgeous.
    kaash uski shadi na hui hoti

  • she is amazing .A true glamour girl !

  • U people must have seen Nidhi yesterday night in 9 O’Clock news…. Wow…She was really HOT.

  • Nishi is pure unadulterated sex draped in a saree. She burns a hole in my TV and smashes my heart on the wall every time she comes. She must be banned from TV. She is toooooo destructive.

  • Nidhi is the sexiest new reader on TV with great stunning looks. Love to watch her anytime

  • I happened to air travel sitting in next seat with Nidhi.
    Having a closer look, she has face full of pores. Secondly, her mouth was stinking.
    Kumaran Sharma.

    Kumaran Sharma
  • I will see to NDTV 24X7 only for you, i like you so much. since you started from Star News.

    vishal ninawe
  • I like her news reporting better than that bak bak Barkha Dutt.Superb and splendid

    Sunny Singh
  • Kumaran sharma I saw her in Delhi

    and she was really yellow teeth..She looks good due to make up

  • nidhi is jst amazing ….superb…i lyk d way she gets on wd d discussions in her show left,right nd centre….jst love 2 watch her….

  • i used to think i was the only silent admirer… :)

  • nidhi i love you please come to me i can’t live without you i will be mad in your love

  • i love u your anchoring i watch every day watching your program u r very beautyful lary media industried only i like u

    rajsingh baghel
  • nidhi you are sexy. I would LIKE to MARRY you.

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